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Fly fishing in Iceland

There are over 75 pools spread over 13 km.

The entire river is accessible by 4x4. You must occasionally open a few gates, sheep parks are present through the valley.
Each pool is numbered using a metal panel planted there.

13km of river, 6 rods.

The fishing season starts July 18 until September 30
Fishing hours are as follows:. From 7am to 13h and 16h until 22h

After 15 August the days are. shorter, fishing suits 15h / 21h.

An independent lodge 10 minutes from the river.

The lodge Gamli Baer Husafell is an old traditional renovated farm and used to accommodate the fishermen.
The lodge offers every comfort: 6 double rooms with individual bathroom - freezer for catches - outside hot water bath.
Organize yourself as you wish, the lodge offers total independence.

Possibility of full catering in hotel. For more information contact us.

The village of Husafell is 1 hour from Reykjavik next to the town of Borgarnes.

Two possibilities are offered to you:

  • You are supported from your arrival at the airport.
  • From completely independently.

4x4 necessary!


  • 17km of river
  • up to 75 pools
  • 6 rods
  • lodging or full catering in hotel

Fishermen testimonials

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Senen Paz Abuin

Once again the salmon season is now over for me. It happens every year since 1990, my first time ever in Iceland. 1990, 1991, 1992¦2000…2011, each summer, without interruption, I am in Iceland for 15-20 days/year fishing for salmon in different rivers. It is a pure pleasure and privilege to be fishing in this fantastic country; sometimes in very small rivers, sometimes in medium or big size, sometimes watching blue or sometimes green waters, sometimes fast flowing or sometimes still rivers. It does not matter, all situations and conditions push the angler to breath with peace and relax.. until one salmon jumps stopping our dreams. I know many fantastic, productive and extremely beautiful rivers in Iceland and this year I was fishing for 8 days in one river which follows many of my dreams, the Nordlingafljòt. This river, divided into three beats, is a paradise for fly anglers, with more than 80% of pure fly pools where many flies, including hitch, can offer the best. Also worm, when it is practised correctly can give great sport as well as being one of the most effective. Nordlingafljòt is a river where behind each stone, small hole, little stream, one big or very big may be waiting for you (it happened to me this summer in the tail of the pool 26, where I hooked an eighteen pounders in not more than half meter of water). This is the second part of this interesting river, always multiwinters. The number of them depends, of course, on the year (in 2009 during the first fortnight the number of multiwinters was close to 50% of all catches!) but even this summer ,not specially noticeable for a great fishing in the country, we caught between 15-20%, being some very large and extremely good fighter (the afore-mentioned 18 pounders was landed in the pool 22, in fact 700 meters downstream from the 26!). Now sitting in the terrace of my Spanish house, a wave of nostalgia invade me. Only the Nordlingafljòt knows how much I miss it.

Richard Morais

One of my favorite salmon rivers in the world is the Nordlingafljot in Iceland, a gin-clear river rushing over volcanic rocks and tundra. I have spent many a wonder summer there catching salmon - stalking really, because only five rods are allowed to fish the nearly 15 miles of river, and you are really hunting the fish. Had many a beautiful eve fishing with a small fly and single-handed rod catching five or six silvery salmon between 8 and 20 pounds. If you are looking for an unforgettable fishing and walking vacation, check out this website. If you like what you see, contact the man running the river, Johannes Sigmarsson. Joi is an old friend, his email is on the last page of the website, and he is fluent in English. Tell him I sent you. Here is the blog

A Icelandic salmon river

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